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Teak Bench What's The Best Way To Restore Teak Wood?

What's the best way to restore teak wood? - teak bench

I am working on a teak bench for my mother. Your project is for me. : S

Initially, it was gray and dirty. I have to clean denatured alcohol and steel wool, I first bought, but wool is a break in the grain. Then a brass brush to the rest of til I could get to see the natural golden color. It seemed to take forever, and I tried a steel wire brush, which works very well.

However, I have a soft wood should be read by using wire brushes, the grain is very high. So I have a grinder to it without problems, but the heat was set for the oil sanding of wood and turned to blackish green light.

I tried sanding with water to heat, but could not make a difference. Is very light gray to gray-green when dry, not the color of gold.

What is the correct way to restore teak wood? I do not know how touched upon at the first time with the grain?


oldehipp... said...

I believe that Teak is the best of all wood furniture because it does not require paint or polyurethane finish. If you have an important piece of a treasure, because most ancient teak forests are now gone and there is little furniture in teak really big market. (Most of the veneer is very thin with a grain of a lot more "open".)

The natural teak is actually gray, the many applications of teak oil, scrub carefully with the grain, then with a circular motion, the color of the heat that we are associated with high-gloss teak.

After all this time to use wipes to clean but with a little dishwashing liquid in water to a neglected teak bench or table. As originally protected with teak oil, falling dirt, such as detergent binds with the oil. Use wet'n'dry Ultra Ultra Ultra-fine sandpaper to remove minor scratches, so that more contribute to the "character" part.

Once the dirt is removed, wipe it with a layer of oil from high quality teak wood, a suspension (of non-economicINSEE, or oil-Sweden). Leave the oil in a few minutes before polishing. Drying in a defective part, the need for possibly up to five layers in order to restore its original luster.

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