Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ankle Swelling Both Sides Sprained My Ankle Badly 5 Weeks Ago. Doesn't Hurt, But Is Still Swollen After Daily Ice, Just Needs More Time?

Sprained my ankle badly 5 weeks ago. Doesn't hurt, but is still swollen after daily ice, just needs more time? - ankle swelling both sides

The pain is intense during the first 5 minutes, then disappeared, but the swelling was huge. It happened outside of my ankles are swollen now both sides. Bruises on the left a few weeks ago. It is the suppression in the current minimum and very little discomfort, but the inflammation does not go through. This could be a sprain, Class 3, and I look forward to heal him completely? In the past, when I was a twisted ankle, he has never taken much time, although pain was greater at this time.


Katie said...

I suggest you go to the doctor, find an x-ray!

I had this situation before - and not fluoroscopy time, I hurt - only revealed a sprain

7 weeks later, still the same problem. Ultimately, there 2nd x-ray do not know for a lil wave down - all of something - they do not have MRI and found that he ATFL reptured.

He had surgery to repair - had done before 4 weeks, and now half of my healing process with plaster and crutches

Good luck, hope it goes well.

QuiteNew... said...

Have the doctor?

QuiteNew... said...

Have the doctor?

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