Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Vietnamese Phim Online Does Anyone Know Any Good Vietnamese New Years Song?

Does anyone know any good Vietnamese New Years song? - new vietnamese phim online

we are preparing for the new lunar year. This year, we have to do three dances. So we have the first two and dance and all we need is the last dance, we have to make peace. We have only one piece. The song that we are expecting that for the last dance, we were more, so we are now looking for the last song. So, if you know any good songs Vietnamese New Year. Please phone me.


miss cher-ann said...

Search for "Paris by Night

We currently have thousands of years, New Songs

kb said...

Here are a few:
Mùa đầu Tien Xuan (Spring). ... Do not really think you can dance with her, but it sounds really good.
Mùa Xuan Khúc điệp: ...
Lang Nghe Xuan Mùa see ...

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