Saturday, January 23, 2010

Endoscopy Center Of Southern Nevada Would I Have To Wear A Hospital Gown During A Tonsillectomy?

Would i have to wear a hospital gown during a tonsillectomy? - endoscopy center of southern nevada

Well, I had an upper endoscopy and last week I was brought in, but she made me my own clothes ...

Now, as a center of pediatric surgery was so, why? or was it because you do not really matter?

A lady who gives us information about the operation, he said, just something comfortable to wear. Does this mean that I am to change the rule?

do not really wear a costume lol


it is in the hospital Baylor


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Just a girl said...

Normally endoscopy room is "sterile", so that probably why you were able to wear their own clothes. However, it is probably in an operating room for a tonsillectomy, which are placed a sterile area. It is therefore most likely to carry into a hospital gown. Because the germs that can be worn on the clothing to go home.

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