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Pulmonary Fibrosis Life Expectancy What Is Pulmonary Fibrosis?

What is pulmonary fibrosis? - pulmonary fibrosis life expectancy

a family member suffers from pulmonary fibrosis and wonder what the symptoms are and what the life expectancy


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Pulmonary Fibrosis involves scarring of the lungs. Gradually, the air sacs in the lungs is replaced by connective tissue. When the scar forms, the tissue thickness to the irreversible loss of the ability of the tissue transport of oxygen in the blood.


1.Shortness breath, especially during exercise

Dry cough 2.Chronic

3.Fatigue and weakness

4.Discomfort breast

5.Loss appetite

6.Rapid weight loss.

How is it treated?

There is currently no cure or effective treatment of pulmonary fibrosis. Pharmacological agents to treat lung scarring are still in the experimental phase, during therapy to suppress inflammation have only limited effectiveness in reducing the progression of fibrosis.

Since the emergence and development of the disease is not completely understood, misdiagnosis is common. Change in terminology and the lack of standard diagnostic criteria to the collection of accurate statistics on the complexPeople with pulmonary fibrosis. The extra oxygen improves quality of life and exercise capacity. Single-lung transplantation may be considered for some patients. Pulmonary fibrosis is a very complex disease, and predicting the lifetime of patients after diagnosis vary considerably.

Barry M said...

I suffer from pulmonary fibrosis (PF), then perhaps I may light on what lies ahead. PF affects about 200,000 people in the United States killed and 50,000 are killed each year - the same number of breast cancer. The incidence is increasing - perhaps due to better diagnostic tools, or perhaps precisely because of the disease, environmental triggers. Many first responders to 9 / now reach 11 pulmonary fibrosis. The mechanism of the disease seems to be the one that starts with a kind of lung injury. This gas can be toxic injury, pneumonia, injuries, infections, etc. If the lung is injured, the immune system begins, Hyperdrive and the body actually begins to attack the lung itself. The inflammation causes cause immune response, immune response and inflammation, and so on. After some time, died, of lung cancer, leaving scars. Think of the lungs by using a flexible system on the body of a piece of cement-based and this is PF.

Family member will only get worse. Since the SCARRING not be stopped, and, above all, can not be repaired, the damaged lung tissue, the ability to breathe becomes more difficult. This lack of oxygen leads to problems with the brain and the heart works harder, trying to get oxygen-rich blood to major organs like the brain. Since the heart works harder, and expands the blood pressure between the heart and lung) increase (pulmonary hypertension. The heart was enlarged on the right side and do things such as diastolic heart failure. When the heart starts, it says no edema in the body begins to retain fluid in the abdominal cavity to the lungs and limbs. Moreover, as the disease progresses, is a condition known as dyspnea, not literally be able to draw breath (picture of a fish out of water and put it seems dyspnea). The panic that follows is pretty scary, and most of the time you get painkillers disadvantages contribute to respiratory distress. Dies that the lungs, the pain is caused by air trapped in the lungs increases.

The only treatmENT available steroids (prednisone) and supplemental oxygen. There are some medications that have been tested, but not very effective in combating the disease. The list of side effects of steroids is impressive, and knowing what I know today they are not repeated. Family member would be much better to concentrate on pulmonary rehabilitation and oxygen therapy.

The "average" life expectancy is 5 years after the initial diagnosis. They gave me 18 months where I was diagnosed in March 2003. As you can see, I'm still proving them wrong. I was weaned from steroids, pulmonary rehabilitation has been, and I try to move and stay active, no matter how bad I feel. My wife and my daughters are amazing as my support group. Stay active and people who are there for you from the couch and in motion important for survival. It is good to live a little compassion for a few moments from time to time, but is the only way to survive, too. The end result is that everyone is different and the doctors have no crystal ballBalloon. I have friends, the disease in just a matter of 3 lost to 4 weeks. You never know.

Sorry for the disjointed, but it is a very unpleasant disease and a horrible way to die. Member of the family totally disabled, the unemployed, combined with oxygen machines, and probably eventually die from a cold, because he / she does not fight against infections trachea.

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By visiting this site, which would be a good idea to give some money will be allocated to research to find a cure for this killer. Make no mistake, this is an incurable disease and a family member dies. I'm sorry, so blunt, but no celebrities to raise money for research. We need to spread the message one person at a time. It is a difficult way to make donations, but the only way to do this. Wish you and the members of his family all the happiness that I can. You have my sympathy and empathy. Sorry again for bad news.

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