Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pin Adapter Am I Foolish Purchasing An EIDE Hard Drive For My Extra Computer Which Has A SATA With A Forty Pin Adapter ?

Am I foolish purchasing an EIDE hard drive for my extra computer which has a SATA with a forty pin adapter ? - pin adapter

This is my Athlon64 3400 + computer with a 430watt Thermaltake PSU and the two units. It uses an ATI X800 XL, I am running Windows XP SP2 with this and other equipment that is no longer with Windows Vista Premium.


insane_m... said...

I tend to choose a SATA drive. In the future, if you go to a store with a drive shaft, or one that comes a certain size, which has hardly fit the adapter in the way (as in the case Coolermaster Cosmos)

expansio... said...

I do not believe in an EIDE drive and adapter combination. I just want to have a SATA drive. I really do not know why I would do, or think about it.

Make a clear list of the intended use and requirements. For an older EIDE drive, so you from one computer to another, then go for it. But if you do not need an EIDE drive, do not.

Good luck

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