Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Is The Golden Cross On Mw2 Would Appreciate Advice On The Value Of A Golden Cross Of Honour Of A German Mother (Ehrenkreuz Der Deutschen)

Would appreciate advice on the value of a golden Cross of Honour of a German mother (Ehrenkreuz der deutschen) - what is the golden cross on mw2

The cross is in the original packaging, we found the tape. It is December 16, 1938th There is also a record label that does not seem to me to decipher, but it seems to be Himmler, and what a symbol of lightning.
Any help would be very grateful.

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derfini said...

They did not to a dealer or auction. Check the Yellow Pages for your area. There are a lot of medals in the sites where you similar to what you can find, and some of them, in the current price. If you Google 'eherenkreuz the Germans, you will find pages devoted to this coin.

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