Thursday, February 18, 2010

Make Your Own Wrestling Figure If You Are A Good Wrestler Than I Want Your Opinion!!?

If you are a good wrestler than I want your opinion!!? - make your own wrestling figure

Ok, so I'm the Varsity wrestling team at school, and this is my first year is always fighting for what she did not know many techniques, but (my friend showed me a go fight some people that this Using movements), so I think the only way to do it when I was in great shape and I have tons of resistance. Then I ran the whole time. I began to run on Monday, but my endurance has increased ever since. Monday I ran on the track in the gym for 1 mile then walked for a minute, then ran one miles, then went home. We conditioning before the season on Tuesday and Thursday, and it is very difficult. The coach said Tuesday that if you were a true champion, he himself employed on other weekdays. SoI do exactly what ..... Wednesday I'm going to the gym and jogging around the track for 15 minutes (I think I was probably like 2 miles or 2.5 miles at the time, but idk) and) today (Thursday, though it is always conditioned gym and jogging 3 miles without stopping. The trick is that when the chat in educational outcomes is not all that is fresh air in the gym, so I'm like 3 miles to the gym not as difficult as running 3 miles in the corridors of the school so I feel almost as if I could go on the track running in the gym. So my question is, what do I do it myself, in the school a piece of cake air. Should I continue to increase the mileage in operation, or should I increase my speed and maintain that speed T constant.OrHere is what I think I have an incredible force. I just want to know what I can do for the best fighter I am.


topher L said...

I fought for two years and my last year and Im going to be captain this year ... never thought I could fight, or as captain of the Varsity team for a few years ago and I must say that the Cross move out and the weight of the train .. thats what I do ... Dude missed .. Sprint and squats do for .. Explosives Wrestling is a sport of strength and endurance ... but it is a sport, art .. . It takes years to develop the technology to .. The best advice I can give is to practice .... Drilling ... Experience Ringer questions ... Drink water all day .. IKNOW dont smoke smoke a great fighter and he does not do well, because the state .... People who are struggling are better than you and try to have less body fat as possible ... If the UR does notwork hard on the carpet or the need for harder

david scott m said...

ARE U OUT 4 length or coils

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