Monday, February 1, 2010

Mouthwash Sheet Too Much Teeth Whitening Ouch?

Too much teeth whitening ouch? - mouthwash sheet

They sent me to a dentist 10% solution of hydrogen peroxide home bleaching to 2 times per day until it starts, then about 20 days. Well, I missed a couple of days, and suggests that he does not miss a single day! So I did that through the use of bleach to five times instead of two

My tooth hurts now, what should I do? It's nice to look like, and acetaminophen can help a little. Will this go away?

My friend used to brush his teeth and says that the mouthwash is the same thing, and toothpaste and brushes is bad for your teeth. How do I start brushing 2?


mythbust... said...

Oh my God first, your boyfriend fucking crazy? I think only their thtas excuse! if he thought he wouldnt really try to not use what he loves as supposidly you? What do you know based on this?

Secondly, why they use five times a day? Yes, could I say, "Is my day, but I am sure, said:" noyt no more than 2 times per day, and if you have to do not so friggin ITM!

Which will disappear in a few days, just aggrivated the gums and the nerves in them!

mark j said...

Oh, no, if u miss a day should not be terminated or 5 times a day. continue to do only 2 times a day. Toothache, because u too many times a day, both in its very sensitive, as used today. These should be in one or two days.

Khamirul Bin Mataree said...

Tell him to start to brush. Tell him that many times.

About your problem, do something to stop the teeth. Come for today and tomorrow. To heal even the teeth. And do not feel bad. Paracetamol does not work really. I've heard that if you save water and salt in his mouth, that relief will be.

Big_Smil... said...

Why bleach 5 times in one day. The dentist must go through the instructions of the money gone with you ... Do not pay attention to. The money is great if you follow the address. Bleaching can be done in many ways, the dentists have their way ... Bleaching with trays at night during a dream the way to go. Bleaching trays must be present for some time ... depending on the strength of the gel. In 10% hydrogen peroxide concentration is very high ... You will surely GET "Zingers" but should disappear after cessation of bleaching.
As your friend, ask him if he likes to wear dentures ... he can get dentures, if you do not brush and floss too.

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