Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seborheic Dermatitis And Hair Loss Hair Dye And Sheeding More Hair Than Normal?

Hair Dye and sheeding more hair than normal? - seborheic dermatitis and hair loss

I recently got my hair dyed back to my natural color 4 weeks (Brown). Since then, my scalp is itchy and my hair shed more than usual on the side of the head and bottom. I have a Derm and told me I was seborheic dermatitis. I've never had this problem until I had my hair dyed. My question is: How long will continue to bite and stop at the head of collective redundancies? My hair is thinner badly on the right side of the head.

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pinky said...

The same happened to me too. a friend of mine, the long hair told me that the mixture of castor oil, Cocunut, sesame oil, neem oil, and 6 months, an improvement seen withinh. She even washed her hair with shampoo and use Shikakai powder called Reeth

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