Monday, February 8, 2010

Cd Key Lesen Wc3 How Long Is A Starcraft Cd Key Supposed To Be?

How long is a starcraft cd key supposed to be? - cd key lesen wc3

I have this new StarCraft Battle Chest CD, CD-key is my long - to be about 26 characters long. If so, how should it be? I thought I was thirteen years old - please help me. Thank you!


Andrew H said...

Yes, that is 26 characters of the time that the CD key if you want, and recently got a new one. Earlier versions of StarCraft had the serial numbers of thirteen characters, but they have changed.

antiemo1... said...

Older versions have required 13 characters and newer CD characters.Btw have 26 keys are needed to fight against piracy, not only hope to play help:)

Nicholas Cage said...

In 60 seconds

Nicholas Cage said...

In 60 seconds

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