Monday, February 15, 2010

Blister Like Feeling In The Throat I Have A Blister In My Throat!!!!?

I have a blister in my throat!!!!? - blister like feeling in the throat

Hello, in the last four days I had in my throat. I look in the mirror and my GF can see it too. (on the back of my mouth opens and closes (with ulvua)) looks like a pear or a large group of small high spots side by side. around my neck is very red. it hurts to swallow and yawn. I am a doctor, but really do not care and just gave me a magic mouthwash do not work at all. It is as if my throat is very dry region. I also think I want a solution that could have a right to lymph nodes in the neck region.
Please give me some advice


Ryan said...

This seems similar to what I had before. It may be that in reality a cankersore. I'm not a doctor, but if it is a sign of a kind that you say is the best thing I do is to find your mouth with a mix in salt water rinse silly as it seems some people, something about the salt that helps to heal wounds or open areas. Try to stay away from foods that are bitter, well, from citrus fruit beverages. Anything that can cause a burning heart heavy for most. Oh, mouthwash and so powerful extremey burn your mouth like Listerine powerful, the more damage in a few notes I read can lead to other sites. If yes, a little water is cut off, so that they are not considered "Burny FeEly

tinyntee... said...

I do not know what to do with blisters, but I know that if you have an infection in your body, you have some swollen lymph nodes. It is quite normal that the blow might be lymph nodes.

A Dude said...

THT sux

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