Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Writing A Letter For Community Service Hours Completed After Lunch On Friday Before The Big Weekend, Did Anyone Have Salad Bar?

After lunch on friday before the big weekend, did anyone have salad bar? - writing a letter for community service hours completed

Salad Dressing Semen Spawns Trouble
Thursday 24 May, 2007 10:59 PM EDT
The Associated Press

Wheaton, Illinois, USA (AP) - A judge has a 17-years, a fine of $ 750 and run 120 hours of community service for contamination of lettuce with semen and returning it to the coffee shop ordered a school in suburban Chicago secondary .

DuPage County Judge Terence Sheen also placed Marco Castro on two years probation Wednesday and ordered him to write a letter of apology to staff Wheaton North High School. Castro must complete his community service work for an organization that works with AIDS patients.

http://adelphia.net/news/read.php?id=137 ...

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