Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pokemon Silver Cheats With Visual Boy Advance How Do U Enter Cheats In Pokemon Silver ??

How do u enter cheats in pokemon silver ?? - pokemon silver cheats with visual boy advance

I'm playing Pokemon Silver GBC emulator file on my PC. How do u enter cheats in it?

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ron said...

Hey, I do. I had to answer this question, and is closed or the other .... theres already GameFAQs, super cheats and if Google does not "silver gameshark codes Pokemon" and overlook some here.they will tell you, Need U know.good luck! =) PS: If you use a switch to set traps, make sure that only 4 Pokemon at a time when the case is active. Otherwise, the routine work. 2 Tips to menu jump off r cheating stored in the trap and clear the check box. I hope that helped!

0101E2D5 Master Ball (infinite) (work)
Shiny Pokemon 010719D1 (is nice like that) (Work)
0120E2D5 Rarecandys (infinite) (work)
0197Edd0 Mew (work)
01FBEDD0 Celebi (work)

through all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enemy is still asleep and poisoned

They were not tested

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