Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Canon Zr85 Free Download Does Any One Know Where I Can Download The Software That Is Included With My ZR85 Camcorder?

Does any one know where I can download the software that is included with my ZR85 Camcorder? - canon zr85 free download

I have my Canon ZR85 to goodwill and it was all him, with the exception of the software (the instructions have been with them, but the software itself) is where I can go to a free download of the software for this device. .

No Canon DV Network Software and
Canon Digital Video ..

ps .. I tried a few pages, but every time I download a file name and exe.part so I do not open .. What does this mean and how do I download .. again .. must be free ..

So, my computer still pick it up with the software or is it imperative that I ..

and one last question on the camera, yes ... Is it true that I am either a tape or record on the memory card or memory card for photos or a tape ..

Thank you grapes!

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